We are a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA called The BOKS of ROCK. Where we are getting a large number of hits on our web site from Springboks fans because we share a name - the Boks. We thought it was cool that was happening, and it occurred to us that we should write a song for the Boks called Go Boks! You can hear it here or buy it at Google Play.  

It's a shame they lost in the first round of the World Cup to Japan, but they aren't out of it yet. Who knows, maybe the song will help.


Springboks Fans!

The BoKs Rough Cuts

  • GO Boks2:41
  • Million Dollar Blues3:14
  • Go BoKs2:41
  • Time2:15
  • Muscle Car2:11

Inspired by early Rock and Roll legends of the '60s and '70s, The BoKs grew up rocking along with the greats on their radio. They further cultivated their style in their hometown of Milwaukee, where they still performs on occasion.

About The BoKs